The Gone Rhinoceri and the Battle of Cancún, A tale from the Age of Consequences consists of the following episodes:

Book One: The Gone Rhinoceri

Where we learn of the mysterious and sudden vanishing of a particular charismatic creature from zoological institutions, in which some few had until recently remained.

Book Two: The (first) Battle of Cancún

A classic tale of good versus evil in the battle for the last remaining common wealth of humankind and the natural world beyond human understanding; a story of political intrigue and deceit, and of a war between peasants and auto-aristocrats, and where we learn of Chicxulub and the twilight of the dinosaurs and of the Great Flood of Sewage.

Book Three: …And Then, the Dolphins Went….

In which more is learned about the rhino’s vanishing; about their bandaged horns, their cancerous cartilage; about the narrator’s vision in a toxic flood. About the narrator’s young daughter, Natasha the Exploradora, her fine toys and her being cast upon the waters like Moses in a basket, and, revealing her discovery about the dolphins.

Book Four: Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage

In which our narrator finds himself in the wreckage of the Great Flood of Sewage, on the sands of an unpeoepl’d beach; in which we meet the Garifuna mystic Childe Harold and hear his Discourse, of the origins of humankind in the bowels of Africa, of tools and agriculture and of the History of the Darker Races. And in which arrives the Iffrit, Robert Zoellick, and ensues the first clash of a further Battle of Cancún.

Book Five: Natasha and the Pea Green Boat

Awash on a storm-toss’d sea….

Book Six: The Final Battle of Cancún

In which our protagonists unite on a far-flung beach as the world beyond is transmuted into a pathological wilderness; where the Iffrit appears again; and where Childe Harold concocts a spell to revive the heroes of the darker races’ anti-colonial struggles, resulting in … the Final Battle of Cancún.

Book Seven: The Waters of Hell

In which our protagonists journey through a hole in the world and meet an ornery caterpillar, a benevolent toad, and other creatures strange and portentous; where they see a vision of the fakers on a plateau of ice, and escape through a crevice of light.

Book Eight: Where Have all the Rhinos Gone?

Where our heroes arrive at the shores of Sumatra to find the forests replaced by ….. And in which they re-encounter the rhino, and other surprises.… and where finally all is made, if not right, at least, complete.

About Jeff Conant

I am a writer, social and ecological justice advocate, world traveler, family-man, gardener, bee-keeper, baker & tender of life in all her fine forms. Here on The Watering Hole you will find my books, both published, unpublished and in progress, my photographs and artwork, and my short (and long) essays and ruminations here in the late stages of the anthropocene as humanity struggles to turn away from millenia of destruction toward a future of co-existence with all creation…or not.

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